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How can you win US Dollars on internet? Only by clicking on ad or by completing survey. Very easy isn’t it?


Clixsense is online since February 2007. It is one of the oldest website, so you can be sure that this website is very sure. For exemple,  on december 2016 they have paid more than 7,065,872 members.  And all these members won $22,919,509.86 !!!

So as we said, they are many possibility to win some money on this website. The most important are: Clicking on ad, and completing survey. By the way, completing survey is the best way to earn a lot of $. Clicking on ad is very easy, but you will win as much as if you were completing survey.



All is free, you don’t have to pay nothing. You only have ton activate your registration by clicking on your mail (check your spam box if you don’t have the email). And then, complete your profile (you got to do this if you want survey) and let’s go !! Let’s win some money on Clixsense!




Plus, if you don’t live in USA, you can change your money for free on paypal . So you can win, for exemple, a lot of € ^^
And if you don’t really speak english, don’t worry, you can change the langage and have a lot of survey in your own langage!! Isn’t that wonderful?!


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